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How Audio and Video Transcriptions Can Transform Your Content Marketing

How Audio and Video Transcriptions Can Transform Your Content Marketing

By: sageknox

10 Nov 2017

No matter your industry of focus, your marketing strategy isn’t complete without a comprehensive content marketing plan to educate consumers, raise your profile in the industry, and garner traffic back to your company’s website. But equally important to video and audio content is written text, which Google and other search engines use to evaluate content and promote the best, most relevant articles. If you’re looking to transform your content marketing efforts and increase traffic to your website, transcribing your audio, video, and multimedia content into readable, searchable text formats makes a lot of sense. Here’s how:

Video Transcription and Captioning

If you’re utilizing video as a part of a greater marketing strategy, transcribing the content of the videos are a hugely beneficial strategy. Because the main search engines cannot read or interpret video content, they determine the quality and relevancy of information using text. This includes titles, meta descriptions, and keywords within the written content to determine how and where these materials will be presented to users searching for specific information. Compared to simply uploading a video to your website or YouTube, having a written transcription of everything that’s said and mentioned within the content of your video means it’s much more likely to be ranked highly in search results.

Improved Accessibility

For companies, public institutions, and those focused on education, complying with ADA-requirements for accessibility on the web should be a major area of concern. For education purposes and users with disabilities, offering information alt-text for images, written transcriptions for videos, and text descriptions for graphs and charts will help improve the user experience for those visitors as well as demonstrate your company’s commitment to ADA compliance, helping boost your content in search engine rankings.

Foreign Language Subtitling

For companies seeking customers and increased business in foreign markets, having your website’s text content translated into different languages is a good starting point. However, rather than redubbing or reproducing video and audio content with written transcriptions of the recorded material will save you time and money while improving the user experience for your customers, clients, and potential sales.

If your company has video content that explains industry-specific concepts, business services, or helps train users on your products or services, you owe it to them and your content marketing team to have any recorded materials transcribed and made available as part of your strategy. Luckily, professional transcription services are increasingly affordable, effective, and reliable, offering precise, prompt transcriptions of videos, audio, interviews, meetings, and more. Starting at just $0.75 per minute, Transcription Hub is a perfect fit for businesses on a budget. Contact us today to get started or upload your first project using our automated uploader and get your results back fast.