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History and Transcription

History and Transcription

By: Kevin

28 May 2010

In short, history is the record and the documentation of the past events. It is highly imperative for the present, and the future generations to have knowledge about the past, refer it and learn from it. Do you think maintaining a written record in this sense is valuable?

In the same context, do you think transcribing your audio file will serve the present and future generation as a history? Yes it does. Transcription records the event in a text format, any type of event right from formal corporate meeting to casual chit-chats, from Doctor’s dictation to court proceedings, PodCasts, SkypeCasts etc, and this becomes a record, and also a history-a reference material for future generations.

Read this news Thieves lead the way to dentists’ tombs, this news is about the dentists who were serving the Egyptian kings some 4000 years back. There would have been many dentists, who would have been serving the kings, and pharaohs in Egypt, but currently after 4000 years we come to know about only three dentists namely, Iy Mry-chief dentist, Kem Msw, and Sekhem Ka. This is because the archaeologists only saw these three names inscribed on the tomb.

The only field that serves wholly for the purpose of record maintenance is transcription. Transcription is a mile stone in this Information Technology era that works exclusively for capturing of events, and maintaining it as a record. Transcription overcome the language, boundary, and accent barriers by converting all audio information in to text format, hence making it friendly to people across the world to access, and refer any type of information, and maintain it as a record.

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