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Empowering and Equipping Insurance Agents Using Professional Transcription Services

Empowering and Equipping Insurance Agents Using Professional Transcription Services

By: sageknox

26 Nov 2017

No matter if you’re an insurance agent, broker, or adjuster, you know the tedious, yet crucial work you and your organization do. Yet there’s no reason for people working in the insurance field to perform time-consuming tasks that can easily be outsourced to specialists so they can focus on more important, critical tasks. That’s why professional transcription services can be so useful, offering savings and reliability in handling your most critical materials. Here are just a few of the ways your insurance agency can benefit from outsourcing its transcription needs to a third-party provider:

Time-Saving for Claims Processing

Thanks to expedited turnaround options from many professional transcription services, your ability to push recorded materials to a transcription partner and have a written description of what was said in an audio or video recording within 24 hours is more than possible - it’s highly encouraged to achieve the best, most timely results.

Everyone in the insurance industry knows that claims processing can take an inordinate amount of time. And while even the best insurance adjuster can be as fast and accurate as a professional transcriptionist, burnout in the insurance adjuster profession is common - and even predictable. Having a reliable, third-party transcription service means that multiple transcriptionists can be assigned to handle your cases with accuracy, care, and speed.

Improving Insurance Transcription

Because the insurance adjuster’s world is tense, busy, and rife with responsibility, burnout is a concern, leading to avoidable mistakes in transcribing critical case files and recorded materials to a text format. The difficulty in transcribing poorly recorded, background noises, and words that are unclear can waste valuable time that could more easily be transferred to a third-party transcription service.

Streamlined Processes and Cost-Saving Opportunities

Insurance claims require four main steps: initial meeting, recorded interview, transmission of media, and decision on final payout. But with a professional third-party transcription service, adjusters can avoid the time-consuming manual transcription of these interviews by immediately sending the audio file to a transcriptionist, allowing them to conduct more interviews and research sessions while they wait for the transcriptions from previous cases to come in.

If your insurance agency is struggling under the weight of excess cases and can’t handle any more burnout on the part of your adjusters, the case for a third-party transcription service should be crystal clear. With services starting at just $0.75 and expedited delivery options available, Transcription Hub is the ideal option to handle your insurance claims and recorded materials. Contact us today to learn more about enterprise services or get started on your own today using our automated uploader.