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Easiest Way to Transcribe Video & Audio Files

Easiest Way to Transcribe Video & Audio Files

By: Kevin

6 Mar 2013

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Speaker: The first thing you want to do is inside of the Firefox web browser, type in ‘download helper’, and you are going to install this Firefox plug-in; here is the website, once on the website click on ‘install the extension’ and then click on the Mozilla add-ons site. From here you can click ‘add to Firefox’, ‘install’, restart your browser and then once that's done again you’ll have an icon up here in the corner.

The next step is to download the VLC player; you will find that on and just click the ‘download’ button; this is a media player. Now if I go to the website I sent you to the, the video automatically plays and in your up left hand corner you'll see this thing spinning, click the drop-down menu and you will see a file come up, click the mouse and then you just simply hit save. Now it's going to start downloading the file to the desktop or wherever you've allocated.

Here is the video on the desktop, I'm going to right-click and hit ‘open with’ and I am going to go to VLC player. I am not sure if you're on a PC or a Mac but this step should be similar. And then I go to playback and you'll see here that it says ‘faster’ and ‘slower’, and for me it's giving me the keyboard shortcut.

Now I think you are on a PC or a Windows computer so the shortcut is going to be a little bit different but it should most likely be ‘Ctrl+’ and ‘Ctrl-’. Now what I do is when I play the video…

“because what they are really after is…”

So you can see there that I can play the video in slow-motion, now I found that between 0.33 and 0.25, between these two are ideal speeds for transcription.

Hope this video was helpful for you. Let me know if you have any questions, I hope you are doing well and have a great day.