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Benefits of Utilizing Transcription Services of Transcription Hub

Benefits of Utilizing Transcription Services of Transcription Hub

By: Norelle

5 May 2014

If you are spending endless hours transcribing materials, transcription service providers can help ease your burden so that you don’t have to focus on time-consuming copying. Let us do the work for you! Transcription Hub provides services for all types of needs—from medical to business reports to academic lectures to media interviews. You record it, we’ll write it. These are just a few of the reasons why you should look to Transcription Hub for all your transcribing needs.

First and foremost, quality matters. Our qualified specialists follow “intelligent verbatim style” which means that we transcribe your material exactly as dictated, only leaving out filler words and mumblings. Our commitment to quality remains the same irrespective of the turn around package you choose. The use of recording devices provides a zero percent chance of transcription error because the audio can be played back to ensure the highest possible accuracy.

Depending on the urgency of your transcription, you can choose from our variety of turn around packages. The only difference is the price and the turn around! We’ll get your material back to you in 15 business days at the most, all the way to a few days or 24 hours. We suggest our Priority or Express packages if you’re on a tight deadline, but if you can wait a few weeks for your transcription then the Economy option could work for you. For bulk orders, we will work with you to come to a mutually agreeable delivery schedule.

Transcription Hub offers various pricing options to help you transcribe your materials within your budget. Our prices range from just $0.75 per minute to $2.45 per minute for one day delivery. Our services are offered on the cloud enabling a self-service model. You place an order, you pay, and you receive your transcripts - all online seamlessly. You can make payments conveniently with a credit card, debit card or a PayPal account. Anyone new to Transcription Hub is eligible for a complimentary five minute free trial service in order to demonstrate the quality we deliver on your transcripts. Contact us to request a FREE trial coupon.