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Benefits of Captioning and Subtitling Videos for Media Industry

Benefits of Captioning and Subtitling Videos for Media Industry

By: Kevin

1 Feb 2022

Video Captions Help Attract and Engage More Users

Video is rapidly surpassing any other types of content as the top-notch with regards to drawing in and engaging in watchers. Over a large portion of a billion groups are watching videos on Facebook and YouTube regularly and 33% of all internet-based movement is spent watching the video. It’s no longer a question of just how powerful video is, yet how you as an advertiser might make your video content more compelling in attracting the perfect individuals.

ADA compliance as one of the benefits

ADA Protects your organization against disability discrimination, If you have a disability, the ADA ensures that you experience fair employment practices (equal opportunity, access to jobs), adequate housing, enjoy equal physical access to all public and many private spaces that public transportation is accessible and available.

Contents are discoverable with the rich Metadata once it is captioned

Video SEO is an extension of SEO. It marries the vibrant medium of online video with on-page textual elements in order to maximize video discoverability and viewership. While video SEO is similar in concept to traditional SEO, videos inherently require different tactics because there is very little written content associated with them. If you’re looking to improve your video SEO, one of the first strategies to consider is adding transcripts and captions to your video content

Broadcasting Regulations

Various broadcasting bodies have given a clear directive that closed captioning must be provided for most programs broadcasted on television. Many entities have obligations under civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination and require the provision of accommodations, such as captioning, to ensure equal access, an equal opportunity to participate, and effective communication with people who are deaf or hard of hearing. These entities have obligations under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and other laws.

One incredibly easy way you can boost your videos? Add captions!

It feels too instinctive to even think about referencing, however, an astonishing number of our accomplices don't think about captions when they're making their video content. What's more, it's a disgrace, because captions are a super low-effort way to make your videos go further.

3 Benefits of Including Captions in Your Videos

Captions make recordings clear, however, the advantages of adding subtitles go such a long way past that! From boosting engagement metrics to enhancing SEO and making recordings more straightforward to appreciate for those with disabilities, video captions and subtitles have gigantic power in helping your brand's worth.


Above all else, adding subtitles to your videos helps support Engagement metrics no matter how you look at it. The following are two or three unforeseen details:

● Facebook says adding subtitles to your video can support view time by 12%.
● Discovery Digital Networks ran an analysis and observed that videos with subtitles had more than 7% more reach than the average.
● A new report saw a 40% increase in viewership on captioned videos versus uncaptioned.
● That equivalent review observed watchers were 80% bound to watch a video until the end when close captions and subtitles were free.
● On Facebook, 85% of video content are watched on mute

Your video content should be striking and brilliant (particularly via web-based media,) however considering how quickly individuals scroll, here and there splendid visuals don't do what's needed to hang out in a feed loaded with comparable video content. Yet, assuming your video incorporates words that reverberate with the watcher, and those words are large to the point of being seen and perceived quickly, your video has a vastly improved way to have an effect.


One more significant advantage of having captions and subtitles added to the video content is Accessibility!

Over 28 million American adults are deaf or hard of hearing and captions help those who can’t hear what’s going on in a video understand what’s happening. Without them, this part of the population would miss out on your content, an unfair consequence outside of their control.

Beyond that, if your video is in English, you’re missing out on an entire audience of non-English speaking viewers. Adding captions in the language your target audience speaks helps immensely in making your video accessible to every part of the world.

Search Engine optimization

Lastly, subtitles can do a great deal in building your Search Engine optimization in a much more effective way.

At the point when you transcribe your video or include your transcriptions on the videos for your site, web indexes can crawl over that and rank your videos higher, since you're giving text like any other.

But now, closed captions offer a readable text file search engine spiders can crawl, helping align your video with your keyword strategy. In general, closed-captioned videos ran higher in search results, but now that search engines can essentially read captions, their SEO power is exponentially higher.

Besides adding captions to your videos, boost your SEO power by embedding relevant videos on your main website pages, blog pages, landing pages, and more.

Apart from the above key factors that will benefit including Captions in Your Videos, here is a list of other factors why adding closed captions and subtitles are a very significant part of your video content.

● Accessibility for d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing Viewers
● Legal Compliance
● Better Comprehension
● Flexible Viewing in Sound-Sensitive Environments
● Increased SEO and Video Views
● Video Search and User Experience
● Easy Creation of Derivative Content
● Easy Translation into Foreign Languages

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, it's additionally critical to consider viewers' engagement on various social stages. On Facebook, for instance, videos tend to autoplay on mute. Simply these highlights alone have driven increasingly inventive techniques to grab the attention of viewers scrolling through their news feed.

To wrap things up

Whether someone is watching a video on mute or just scrolling quickly down their feeds, captions can do a lot to not only stop a viewer in their tracks but make your brand resonate more strongly.

And luckily, adding them to your video is a relatively simple task that brings a lot in return. Whether you’re manually adding them on a video host like YouTube, or you’re adding them in the editing room, they can make all the difference in making your video more comprehensible and even help you be legally compliant in some cases.

Paired with beautiful graphics, special effects, and a great narrative, captions are the final step in creating video content you – and your audience – will love.