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Automated Transcription VS Human Transcription service: Which is best?

Automated Transcription VS Human Transcription service: Which is best?

By: Kevin

7 Dec 2019

It was until the iron age, Man was dependent upon his muscle power to satisfy his needs. As the human intellect developed over time the Industrial age is born and for the first time in history machines that were manufactured by humans started to do the task specified by a human. The development of new technologies over time has always been crucial for the automation of machines to do a specified task that requires the fundamentals of human intellect and intelligence. In this era of information, the possibilities of artificial intelligence are infinite. Artificial Intelligence is deployed in various fields and sectors for developing its efficiency. Data mining and Transcription services are aided by artificial intelligence programs nowadays.

So now, one question arises:

Is it time to fully embrace the AI-based Automated Transcriptions over manual transcription by humans for unique industry-specific transcription services online ?

There are many considerable factors to consider before coming to a conclusion. So read on to learn more.

What is Automated Transcription Service?

In a nutshell, Transcription services are to transcribe a video or audio and podcasts into a verbal and readable or written format. When AI is used to do this service instead of humans that is Automated Transcription Service. This type of Transcription services is done using Automated Speech and voice recognizing technology.

Artificial intelligence is deployed in transcription services by training specific software with immense and high qualities of datasets and samples. When more and more data sets are fed to the software, It gains more experience by making the most out of the existing data and builds a better algorithm. Considering the growth of technology when it comes to the current state of artificial intelligence in Transcription services, Tech giants like Google and IBM and Microsoft has put decades of effort to improve the automated speech-to-text transcription for effective interaction between humans and computers and mobile phones. So far, they have managed to achieve around 80 % accuracy at their best.

What is the capability of Automated Transcription today ?

Although automated speech recognition software is a cheap transcription solution, the core drawback is the big problem with the accuracy of automated speech recognition based transcriptions. According to the recent research on the comparison between human transcriptionists and automated speech recognition software, Human transcriptionists had a word error rate of 4% while commercially available automated speech recognition software’s word error rate was 12 %. This means that Ai based transcription services have Word error rates three folds higher than the professional human transcription services.

The fundamental problem with AI tools is that they do not recognize the language context and nature of the content as humans do. Lack of this leads to more errors in the transcribed content. If the source speech data is more technical and more heavily accented and noisier, automated speech recognition software cannot maintain accuracy reliably and can mix up the names of people and places. Apart from this, these automated tools cannot precisely detect different speakers, especially if there is a fast-paced discussion between multiple speakers for a long time. Automated transcription services cannot differentiate the accents and dialects of the same language and not trained to recognize technical and industry-specific languages.

What is Manual Human Transcription Service?

Any Transcription services that are done by a professional human transcriptionist is manual transcription service. Assigning a professional human transcriptionist for transcription services is the most effective and convenient thing to do. Every brand and business does depend upon high-quality transcript services. Industries like academic, medical, legal and insurance need their sensitive data to be transcribed with precise & reliable accuracy and speed with timeliness.

Why Manual Human transcription is Impeccable?

A dedicated team of human transcriptionists is still the only efficient choice for guaranteed top-quality transcription services with reliability and accuracy as much as 99%. Manual transcription is maybe a little bit expensive than automated transcription services. But with a professional human going through the content and interpreting the transcripts with human intelligence, you can avoid the costly transcription mistakes and however there is a need of a human to proofread and revise the automatically-transcribed content and it takes some significant amount of time. Transcription services online are easy to access remotely, we can upload our data and get our transcription services done in ease without many efforts.
Choosing a professional transcriptionist for transcription services not only saves time but more accuracy in the contents of different dialects and accents by multiple speakers at a time. Transcription service has several factors that determine the quality of the service. The speed and processing of your data to interpret the nature of the transcript. Accuracy plays as the major purpose of transcription services, as the transcribed contents are used to gain a better understanding of the original data.

Humans are better at interpreting other human speeches than any automated speech recognizing software. Such abilities give humans to precisely identify the technical words spoken in the audio complex terminologies like Legal, medical and academics. Human transcriptionists can easily differentiate the homophones and can identify any number of individual speakers in any given audio recording. A human transcriber can adapt to different unique templates and follow the special set of guidelines that may differ between transcripts and industries.

So coming to the conclusion, If you are looking for high-quality and reliable transcription services for any sort of unique and diverse industry needs, then Manual human transcription would be a perfect choice. It is also highly secured, as most of the companies providing business transcription services sign a confidentiality agreement before starting the project. Thus manual transcription remains the option of many industries, due to the unmatchable dedication of human transcriptionists towards their work.

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