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Advantages of Having Your Webinars & Podcasts Transcribed ADA Compliance

Advantages of Having Your Webinars & Podcasts Transcribed ADA Compliance

By: Kevin

3 Jan 2022

You can witness the world adhering towards a high-tech digital space day today. And, it is no wonder that the new technologies continuously provide us with services beyond our requirements. Likewise, transcription services have played a major role for past decades, and their impact in the digital era is more appreciable.

What is ADA compliance and why is it relevant?

In general, ADA is the acronym of Americans with Disabilities Act Standards that is aimed to provide the users from various spheres to use your services or websites efficiently. This came to the emergence in the year 2010 U.S. Department of Justice.

Firstly, The ADA act was passed in the year 1990, ensuring that people with disabilities also have the same rights as people without.

According to a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report, it is predicted that One in every four individuals, otherwise more than 2.5 billion people globally are likely to experience mild to profound hearing loss/ a disability within the year 2050. In addition to this, it is also estimated that a minimum of 700 million people fall under the category of suffering from disabling hearing loss; hearing care, and require ear says WHO. Considering this fact, ADA compliance in websites will have a great impact and a vital role in each and everyone's life.

Website specialists, designers, and content managers hold a critical part in ensuring websites are accessible, and adjust to the Revised 508 Standards and the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA consistently. While most testing instruments accessible online do a mechanized sweep to discover the resistant areas in the site. Transcription Hub adopts a crossover strategy by consolidating both automated and manual testing processes that give more noteworthy profundity and inclusion and doesn't subsequently leave anything on the website that’s non-compliant.

ADA compliance once achieved can also be lost over time as more changes or contents updates are done. It’s important to follow ADA guidelines while making these changes and get your site tested once in a while. ADA compliance checks and corrections require a small investment of time and money, but it can save you big time from future legal hassles.

Having caption added to the video content in the website make it accessible to all

Video content without closed captions (CC) resembles a professional piano player playing in a vacant room. You've invested all the hard energy into making an astounding video, yet you're missing out on your full audience.

Also in this digital world, it's presently not a suitable choice not to make subtitled content. Individuals across the world are engaging with content continually, and they all have various necessities, ways of life, and methods of accessing videos and streaming them. By utilizing subtitles, you can be available to every one of them!

We presently realize that 83% of media buyers in the US watch video with the sound switched off. Furthermore not just that – 80% of individuals are additionally bound to watch a whole video when subtitles are free, rather than simply watching the start or skirting through.

This is all since subtitles make seeing more straightforward. It's undoubtedly a proven fact to subtitle your content.

Having a Transcript available for a Podcast/ Webinar With ADA Compliance will ensure that all have access to the content at any time.

More than 65% of Americans listen to podcasts as of 2021, and having your podcast transcript will enhance your visibility and boost your podcast in the popular medium. Although there are numerous music listeners, the people were drastically diverted and immersed into listening to the podcast in order to enrich their knowledge or get to know more pieces of information. Let it be pertaining to a long drive, or during a long workout day, or while doing the household chores, the complete audio landscape is completely taken aback by the podcasts.

On the other hand, the eruption of the Covid-19 paved the way for more online meet-ups. Technology is moving ahead rapidly and the advancement is always tremendous. With this high technology space, people are not capable of connecting to the end-users via a virtual platform without the means of traveling or spending much of their money.

In such cases, not all the virtual platforms or any podcasts do the inclusion of which indeed would be a boon for the disabled persons or hard of hearing.

Thus integration of ADA compliance in the online webinars, allows people from all spheres to stay connected for a live interactive session by being in any nook of the corner of the world.
But in general, Webinars and podcasts are maybe live or pre-recorded, depending on the host/creator. If it is pre-recorded, the creator has plenty of time to prepare transcripts that are reliable to the user.

In addition to this, if it is a live podcast and webinar, it isn't very easy to provide the transcripts. In that time, the creator has to provide the captions using the software or professional services. Sometimes, there are chances the software may not connect with a particular dialect and may miss out on transforming an exact caption for the end-user. Moreover, an audio description should be easily accessible for the users. And, thereby, we offer you highly professional services for transcribing your live webinars or podcasts with 99% accuracy.

Core advantages of the podcasts and webinars that are transcripted along with the ADA compliance.

● First and foremost, it helps your site rank top in search engine optimizations.
● Secondly, it will enhance and provide a way to reach out to wider audiences, and in addition, incorporation of the ADA compliance will make it to be much more feasible for the users from the disability community.
● Thirdly, it could even help you build thought leadership quickly.
● Moreover, it will offer your Podcast to gain credibility from the users worldwide.
● In addition, it will provoke you to create more content for the people in your community, listeners, and others.
● Last but not least, being the creator allows you to reformat, republish the transcripts as blogs and case studies to increase the number of viewers in the future.

Overall, it is now or never a moment and we need to hurry up to take measures to prevent more damage control. These small things like including ADA compliance into the Podcast or Virtual platforms would create vast changes in a beneficial way for all the people. And, almost all the websites are moving towards providing disability users with a friendly platform.