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Advantages of Business Transcription

Advantages of Business Transcription

By: Norelle

30 Jun 2014

No time for frantic note taking? Didn’t catch that vital thing your boss just said? Trying to keep up with all the information given at a meeting? All of these scenarios are inevitable during the workweek and warrant reason for transcription services. Business transcription is the alteration of any work-related audio files into verbatim transcripts. This process can be a great asset to companies in all types of industries and fields for many different reasons:

In general, meetings include a group of team members discussing important business matters and making decisions. It’s important to keep a record of everything that is said during these conversations for future reference. This way, no one will have to hysterically write notes and can focus on discussion during the meeting. Transcription services will transform these audio files into a tangible recording that everyone can use, so that all members of the meeting are on the same page (literally).

Business conferences and seminars can be overwhelming with so many speakers to keep track of and information to absorb. Recording the processions of a conference is important to ensure nothing is missed and to take that material back to the office for reference. A transcription of these recordings will allow you to interact with colleagues and pay attention to lectures rather than attempting to hand-record the influx of information.

Client conversations
Many or most discussions with clients are done over the phone. With time zone discrepancy, fuzzy reception and other distractions, phone conversations can be less than productive. It’s a smart idea to set up a recording system for your telephone because this type of information exchange can be or is as important as a face-to-face meeting. Transcription services will give you a text version of these recordings to keep in client files and to have as a keepsake if any business discrepancy arises.

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