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Accent barrier for PodCasters

Accent barrier for PodCasters

By: Kevin

28 May 2010

Accent or Pronunciation can impact your audience who listens to your PodCast.

I think accent problem pertains to any particular language, for an instance Chinese people in Beijing and Taiwan speaks with a different accent/dialect, each may not understand the other properly which may lead to a great deal of communication/relationship gap with your prospects/customers.

PodCasters like SecurityNow have realized the need for the transcript along with their audio PodCast which gives them the opportunity to reach the broader audience by reduce the accent/dialect barrier in voice only PodCast. This also gives the PodCasters a true globalization image…

Millions of people speak English, but they don’t all speak the same English. English pronunciation is much different in different parts of the world; the key to different accents is based on tongue twisting like what is mentioned here

Understanding the accent and transcribing the audio file is a core skill of an intelligent human transcriber who can reveal pronunciation, rhyming, sound discrimination, phonemic, consonant, vowel etc.

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