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5 Reasons to Outsource Law Enforcement Transcription Projects

5 Reasons to Outsource Law Enforcement Transcription Projects

By: sageknox

21 May 2017

Whether it’s transcribing routine traffic reports or highly-sensitive interviews with suspects, no detail in the world of law enforcement is too small to ignore. If you’re still relying on in-house transcribers to handle your department’s audio/video transcriptions, you may be hindering your ongoing investigations. Law enforcement professionals should not be expected to spend valuable time and department resources to transcribe lengthy depositions or piles of recorded materials collected from the day-to-day interactions of all officers. Professional transcription services offer affordable, reliable transcriptions of all varieties of necessary law enforcement materials. If you feel your current transcription efforts aren’t cutting it, it’s important to consider a switch to a third-party provider with legal transcription experience. There are plenty of benefits in doing so; here are just a few:

1. Security

Third-party transcription firms employ encryption standards and comply with legal and medical requirements for data transfers. Officials in charge of investigations are compelled to protect their recordings from theft or damage. Moving these materials to a secure, off-site transcription provider keeps these materials from falling into the wrong hands.

2. Improved Efficiency

Even if departments have the resources to hire and retain an in-house transcription professional, the chances that they have the time to go back and verify their work is very low. As previous cases have shown, failing to commit the time and energy into proofing a transcription can hinder or completely sabotage a case. By outsourcing transcription projects, departments can ensure their projects are accurate and actionable without paying in-house workers overtime.

3. Affordability

For law enforcement agencies with tight budgets and restricted resources, moving departmental transcription efforts to a third-party provider can be a massive relief to budget supervisors. Because transcription firms provide services to multiple clients at a time, per-minute transcription rates are priced to scale and begin at $0.75 per minute.

4. On-time Reliability

Reliable, professional transcription services are beholden to meeting deadlines. Law enforcement agencies might not have the personnel or resources to complete the work on time, therefore dragging down investigations and court cases that are vital to maintaining justice and order. For time-sensitive projects, many transcription providers offer expedited transcription services to meet the needs of law enforcement professionals when time is of the essence.

5. Refocus Your Priorities

By shifting transcription projects over to a third-party provider, law enforcement agencies can recommit valuable resources back to important investigative work rather than focusing time and energy toward clerical and administrative tasks.
Are you growing tired of seeing your department’s valuable resources devoted to time-wasting activities when your team should be focused on seeing justice through? By partnering with a professional transcription service like Transcription Hub, you can shave significant excess from your department’s budget and ensure vital materials arrive on-time and with the greatest attention to detail. Contact us for a quote or submit your project using our self-service uploader today.