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3 Ways Professional Transcription Services Can Benefit Your Business

3 Ways Professional Transcription Services Can Benefit Your Business

By: sageknox

3 Nov 2017

No matter if you’re a small business owner, a sole proprietor working solo, or running a large organization, you know the importance of time saved and resources preserved. And even if you have an assistant or administrative professional dedicated to taking meticulous notes during meetings, conference calls, or presentations, you know these may not be reliable or actionable. In order to ensure your organization’s recorded materials are readable, searchable, and easily accessible to key stakeholders, you’ll want to consider bringing on a professional transcription service to handle the timely, accurate transcriptions of these materials as-needed. Here are just a few ways a transcription service can help benefit your business:

Reduce Voicemail Response Time and Workload

If you’re like many companies today, you already have a virtual voicemail solution that can handle digitized recordings and offers limited transcription automation. But processing those files and sending any overflow customer service or sales calls to a responsive, reliable transcription partner can help your team sort through and prioritize their responses, helping you save time, energy, and money.

Preserve Details of Meetings, Conference Calls, and Presentations

When every member of a project or team comes together with their progress, insights, and ideas, needless to say it’s crucial that information is unified and maintained for future reference. Clear, concise, and consistent, a professional transcription service can handle regularly scheduled meetings, conference calls, and presentations to ensure you and your team always have a verbatim text version of these important events within hours of their completion.

Reduces Overhead While Improving Quality

Hiring a third-party professional transcription service reduces the stress placed on administrative professionals or in-house transcriptionists who may not be as qualified as a dedicated professional working for a larger firm. In addition to hiring, HR, benefits, salary, and training costs, IT departments can save on specialized transcription and computer equipment necessary to an effective transcription solution by outsourcing to a dedicated firm.

To ensure the best rates and highest standards for your company’s transcription efforts, partnering with a professional transcription provider like Transcription Hub is an attractive and easy alternative to an in-house, full-time employee. With rates starting at just $0.75 per minute, your vital business materials can be expertly and quickly transcribed, returned, and preserved for your convenience and efficiency. Contact Transcription Hub today to learn more about enterprise packages or get started today using our automated uploader - your organization will never look back.