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3 Step Quality Process in Transcription

3 Step Quality Process in Transcription

By: Kevin

28 May 2010

An overview of Transcription just describes a three level process, which are Dictation, Recording, and Transcribing. Though, there are only three processes broadly, transcription requires a detailed level of quality check before delivery.

The most important aspect of transcription is quality. Quality in transcription can be rather explained as “accuracy”. Accuracy is the base for success in transcription. The transcript or the text format should be as exact as what was dictated in the audio /video file.

The three step quality process ensures consistent quality delivery in the world of transcription.

As a first step the voice files are received or downloaded via FTP or thru a secured channel links which must not be broken while downloading. Downloaded files will be distributed for transcription to a team of quality transcribers.

The second level of quality process is Proof-reading. It is only here, that the transcript will be under scrutiny for wrongly spelt words, filling up of the blanks, checking for like sounding words, and for punctuation and paragraphing.

The third level of quality process is Editing, and this is the key process in determining the quality of the transcribed file. It is only at this level, an Editor listens to the whole file again along with the transcript and edits it till it becomes of 100% accurate and does the final check for the formatting with regard to client specifications.

The other important criterion of transcription is to upload the file to the client within the Turn-Around-Time (TAT).

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