• Economy @ 15 Days

    Can you wait for 15 business days to get your transcripts delivered?
    Then this package is for you. However, if you're on a deadline, we highly
    recommend our Priority or Express packages.
  • Priority @ 5 Days

    If you have a fixed deadline but still have some leeway for time, then
    this is the package for you. We guarantee to send you the transcripts by
    5 business days.

    We offer FREE TRIAL for our first time customer. It does not matter
    what is the length of the audio or video you upload, we will transcribe
    the first five minutes for FREE
  • Express @ 2 Days

    Are you in a hurry? No worries. We are here to take the burden off
    your shoulder. Send us your audio/video files and we will deliver your
    transcripts back by 2 business days.
  • Express @ 1 Day

    Are you under extreme pressure to get your transcription completed?
    We can help you ease the pressure by delivering your transcripts
    by 1 business day.
Economy @ 15 Days
Delivery : 15 Days
Speakers : 2-3

Price/min: $0.75
Priority @ 5 Days
Delivery : 5 Days
Speakers : 2-3

Price/min: $0.95
Delivery : 1-2 Days
Speakers : 2-3

Price/min: $0.00
Express @ 2 Days
Delivery : 2 Days
Speakers : 2-3

Price/min: $1.95
Express @ 1 Day
Delivery : 1 Day
Speakers : 2-3

Price/min: $2.45


  • The above package price is based on per audio/video minute.
  • We Transcribe both audio and video files.
  • The delivery day(s) are business day(s). Does not include Saturday and Sunday.
  • We accept AIF, AIFF, AMR, AVI, DSS, DVD, DVF, FLV, M4A, MOV, MP2, MP3, MP4, MPEG, MPG,
    MSV, QTFF, RM, WAV, WMV and VOB files.